Hi, I'm Greg

and this is my story..

(the good, the bad and the ugly)



At the moment, my life revolves around 2 things — Decentralizing the Cloud with PHOTON & my work researching, writing, & evangelizing solutions to Homelessness.


The photon network

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In 2017 I joined my old friend and business partner, Greg Osuri, to help Overclock Labs with its mission of disrupting the cloud infrastructure industry with a faster, cheaper, and more efficient solution than the current status quo.

Since 2015, Overclock Labs has been working on building out new solutions to distributed computing, which turned out to be a really good bet. By the time I joined in 2017, they had a next generation solution that automated how Cloud infrastructure is setup and managed – which allowed for multiple cloud providers to work together as one, essentially taking the power from individual providers that currently trap people. I was brought in as a late stage co-founder to help turn these cloud solutions into a decentralized cloud marketplace, where we could build the future of decentralized Cloud Computing! Nerd alert: this has been a dream job for me, not gonna lie.

The next 6 months was a wild baptism-by-fire, in which I learned about Blockchains, protocols, tokenization, community building, and reading white papers. Now in 2018, we're preparing to come out of stealth-mode and show the world what we’ve been up to. Our project – "Photon" – is one of the most exciting up-and-coming Blockchain technologies in the space, and it promises to solve some of the hardest challenges within distributed computing and the $247bb cloud infrastructure market.

Make no mistake, we have a long road ahead of us before we achieve perfection, but I’m super excited about Photon, maybe more excited than anything I’ve done before. The technology we’ve created can reduce the costs of cloud infrastructure by as much as 90%, lower latency speeds, and remove a bunch of the headaches organizations currently face with setting up and managing their cloud infrastructure. It’s not that sexy, most of my friends won’t ever understand it, but it’s fascinating, game-changing work and I’m honored to play a part in it. Decentralizing any industry is healthy for consumers and businesses alike – not to mention, it's one of the primary catalysts for an industry to evolve. If aiming to evolve the Cloud industry sounds a bit ambitious, I assure you it is... but we're up for the challenge.


Solving homelessness


When you live in a city with rampant homelessness such as San Francisco, you can either choose to ignore it or do something about it. I could no longer turn a blind eye to this growing problem, because I believe that when you love the city you call home, you need to love all of it and not just the parts that are convenient or easy to love. So, in 2015 I started a life-long mission to build solutions that would help solve homelessness. This led me to start researching the space, writing about the space, brainstorming solutions, and building my own advocacy group, "A Better San Francisco."

My advocacy efforts have revolved around two primary initiatives: education and inspiration. For many of us, there is a large disconnect between seeing homelessness and understanding it. My goal has been to deconstruct the problem for others in order to open both minds and dialogue regarding this important issue. My journey to educate and inspire continues to this day. Some of the more memorable things I’ve done in this space include:


1)Town Halls to End Homelessness A 500+ person event I organized in San Francisco, where I showcased some of the most innovative homeless solutions from around the country and galvanized the community to push for change. The biggest new solution presented was homeless-governed community centers like Camp Unity Eastside in Seattle.

2) Transition Centers — A new solution I put forward that centralizes most of the city's homeless solutions into one location, along with temporary housing, life-coaching, and workforce empowerment programs.

3) Low Income Housing Cruise Ships —A new solution that retrofits old cruise ships into new transitional homeless housing. If this sounds out-of-the-box, it's because it is. Persistent problems require creative solutions!

4) Regional Retirement Centers — A new multi-city solution that pushes for municipalities to work across city lines to create housing solutions as a region, and not as walled-off areas from each other.

5) Shelter Tech —A new solution that puts WiFi into homeless shelters and low-income housing, as well as gives out free smartphones to residents to help them cross the digital divide. I started this initiative with my friend, Darcel Jackson, who was able to use technology to improve his dire circumstances. As a result, he is no longer homeless. Sometimes people just need to have access to the right tools to enable progress.

6) Viral Blog Posts — The Homes for the Homeless Blog I started on Medium has more than 30,000 views and has been re-published by a half-dozen publications. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have my solutions covered by a dozen or so more blogs and garner over100,000 views collectively. Most notably, "Solving Homelessness" – which was published in 2015 – and "Homelessness Solved" – published in 2018. 


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